General Purpose Machine Gun.
In the sustained fire role.
The GPMG was first produced in 1958 and issued to the British forces in 1961 and is still in service today.
The GPMG is part of the squadrons Fire Support assets, it’s task is to provide protective fire in defence and supporting fire in the attack by day and night in all weathers.

Calibre – 7.62mm (0.30″)
Weight of Gun -10.9kg (24 lbs)
Weight of Tripod – 13.62kg (30 lbs)
Total Weight – 23.71kg (54 lbs)
Rate of Fire – 650 to 950 rounds per minute.
Belt Length 200 rounds or 250 rounds.
Range- C2 dial Sight Upto 2500m
Light Role IRON SIGHT 200m to 1800m Observed