The FV106 Samson as seen at the Heritage Centre.

When the CVR(T) series of aluminum light armoured vehicles was designed, a full range of variants was considered including the FV106 Samson Armoured Recovery Vehicle.

The Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) series of military vehicles came into use in the early 1970s and most types are still current. The FV106 Samson Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) was designed to recover damaged or overturned vehicles on the battlefield. It also provides maintenance service or tows damaged vehicles to maintenance units. A total of 136 FV106 Samson ARVs were built.

The basic hull of the FV106 Spartan Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) was adapted to contain a winch that was operated to the rear of the vehicle. A hinged spade anchor was designed in two halves to preserve access to the rear door. To winch any heavy vehicles (or lighter ones from difficult slopes), it is necessary to lay out several pulleys to get the maximum effect from a fairly low-capacity winch.

Defensive armament of the Samson ARV consists of a single roof-mounted 7.62-mm machine gun.