At 1430hrs on 12 Jan 1957, Flt Lt Calvert of A Flight No 10 Armoured Car Squadron (Aden Protectorate Levies) was in command of his section of Ferret Armoured Cars.

Their border area (Neg’d Merghid) convoy came under heavy effective fire from a Yemani fort. Closing the distance quickly from 800m to 300m he manoeuvred and engaged the enemy with accurate and sustained fire.

Cool under fire, his cars had been hit over 50 times, but despite this he continued directing his section’s fire.

He again was forced to move a tactical bound further forward to a flank so that his Force Commander could withdraw from the contact effectively. Calvert directed and coordinated effective fire throughout the intense pitched battle.

2744 Field Squadron was the second such unit, they came under the Command of the 24th Guards Brigade, conducting a relief in place with the 5th Northamptonshire Regiment at a point known as Mortar Hill. By the 14th April they had advanced 3 miles with the Brigade, frequently under mortar fire and enemy dive bombers. Soon elements of 2744 and 2721 Sqns were joined together in the line relieving some Anti-Tank gun positions of the 81st Anti-Tank Regiment.

Between 12 – 23 Jan 57 Flt Lt Calvert showed qualities of leadership and command to the highest standard. His complete disregard for his own safety, plus his dashing example were the main factors contributing to the magnificent work of “A” Flight during those operations.

London Gazette, 26 Aug 1958. Notification of his award of the Military Cross.

Calvert had served in the RAF during WWII as a Wireless Operator Mechanic, rising to Corporal. He was granted an emergency commission in the RAF Regiment (Gazetted 6 September 1949). He left the Service 29 March 1959.