Corporal Harry Green (Military Medal)

In September 1944, No 2721 Field Squadron were acting in an infantry role on the Eighth Army’s front in Italy.

On 2 October, the Squadron took over the commitments of the 8th Manchester Regiment with the Lovat Scouts on their right flank.

On 16 October Corporal Green was leading his section on a reconnaissance patrol to establish the presence and strength of the enemy at a farm complex near Collina Di Pondo 60 miles east of Florence. This was in preparation for an attack being made by Polish forces. The patrol worked 6 miles in front of their own lines, uncertain about enemy positions and strengths.

Corporal Green led his patrol unobserved to a flank just short of the objective. The buildings and farm complex showed signs of recent occupation, and it wasn’t long before the patrol encountered the enemy in great strength. A well-concealed enemy sentry position then engaged them with grenades and small arms fire. During the ensuing battle the German sentry was killed and other casualties inflicted upon the enemy.

Conscious that his recce patrol was now compromised, he must ensure that his mission was achieved by reporting the heavy concentration of enemy. He therefore directed effective covering fire to allow the organised withdrawal of his patrol to a nearby wood, where they regrouped, and despite the presence of German heavy machine guns now in action against them, Green made it back without any casualties and his mission complete.

His Military Medal citation appeared in the London Gazette dated 27 March 1945.

The Yorkshireman had enlisted in July 40, initially as an aircraft hand, then Ground Gunner, serving at RAF Honington and then Mildenhall. He joined 2721 Squadron in August 1941, remaining with the Squadron until the end of the war, having served in North Africa, Italy and Palestine. He was released from the Service June 1946.